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About Reclam

Reclam Verlag, established by Anton Philipp Reclam in Leipzig in 1828, now seated in Ditzingen near Stuttgart, is one of the best-known publishers in the German-speaking countries. Reclam’s Universal-Bibliothek (UB; Universal Library), widely known for its favourable prices, is not only one of the largest paperback series on the German market with more than 3000 backlist titles but also the oldest in Germany, established in 1867.

Reclam editions of literary classics are used by almost all pupils of secondary schools and students studying arts and humanities.
Reclam Verlag Verlagsgebäude Ditzingen

What do the colours stand for?

  • Yellow: German literary classics (including classics translated into German)
  • Red: Classics in foreign languages (English, French, Spanish, Italian, Latin, Russian) with vocabulary annotations
  • Orange: bilingual editions of literary and philosophical classics (Latin, Greek, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian)
  • Blue: study guides for students
  • Green: annotations, source texts and additional material for university students
  • Magenta: non-fiction (history, politics, natural sciences, music, art, religion)
Reclams Universal-Bibliothek

Many foreign language texts are not allowed to be exported – why?

Some of the texts in foreign languages are subject to a Territorial Rights Restriction. They are marked accordingly on the website: »Verkauf dieses Titels nur in die Bundesrepublik Deutschland, nach Österreich und in die Schweiz« (»This title may only be sold to Germany, Austria and Switzerland«).
The Uncommon REader

International sales and export enquiries

Booksellers from all over the world can place their orders directly with us.
For further information please contact

Magdalene Heuer – Export Manager
m. heuer(at)reclam.de
0049 -7156 163-135