Williams, Andrew: Shakespeare for Fun

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ISBN: 978-3-15-019888-9
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Dieser Band versammelt Lustiges, Witziges, Bemerkenswertes und Kurioses von und über Shakespeare:
Myths about Shakespeare's Life
Shakespeare's True Nationality
Shakespeare's Words
Insulting with Shakespeare
Cooking with Shakespeare
Shakespeare in Advertising
How to Draw Shakespeare

How to Spell the Name of a Well-known English Writer

Myths about Shakespeare’s Life
Some Things that are Actually True – “Shakespeare’s Life” (Richard Armour) – Shakespeare’s Pubs (Sam Schoenbaum)

Shakespeare’s True Nationality

Shakespeare’s Words
The Most Common Words Used by Shakespeare – Shakespeare as First User – False Friends – Where Shakespeare Got It Wrong

Insulting with Shakespeare
The Shakespearian Insult Generator

The Authorship Question
“Searching for Cyphers” (David Crystal and Ben Crystal) – “Authorship of the Plays” (Richard Armour) – “A Legendary Blues Guitarist” (Ben Crystal)

The Works
“William Shakespeare’s Star Wars” (Ian Doescher) – “The Skinhead Hamlet” (Richard Curtis) – “The Famed ‘To Be or Not To Be’ Scene from Hamlet” (A modern verse rendition by Desmond Olivier Dingle) – A Soliloquy Simplified: “To Be, or the Contrary?” (Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch) – “The Tragedy of Othello” (A modern verse rendition by Desmond Olivier Dingle) – Shakespeare According to Gyles Brandreth – The Curse of Mac… – “The Macbeth Murder Mystery” (James Thurber) – “The Merchant of Venice, told by Lancelot Gobbo, Shylock’s Servant” (Humphrey Carpenter) – The Sonnets – Hamlet on Film

Shakespeare – the Rude Bits

Performing Shakespeare
“The Verse Problem – And How to Master It” (Patrick Barlow) – “Shakespeare Masterclass” (Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie) – “A Tale of Revenge from Macbeth” (Derek Nimmo)

Shakespeare in the Classroom
“Shakespeare’s Age” (Patrick Barlow)

Cooking with Shakespeare
Potage Macbethienne

Shakespeare in Advertising


How to Draw Shakespeare

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